Lift Up My Eyes

6:41 AM

These burdens are too heavy
For the weakness of myself.
I cry unto the Lord

From whence cometh my help!

Lift up these eyes
From the hopelessness
From the helplessness
From the circumstance
Lift up these eyes to see
Christ-my help! my King!

Many times there are circumstances beyond my control and they are like colossal weights bearing down on me. I feel overcome and weary. And truth is--all I need is a change in perspective. Instead of looking at me or the circumstances, I must lift up my eyes to the Savior. If I am given to prayer, He will intervene. He will change me, at least, and that's what helps. Because it's not my job to bear the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Here I come, to the Burden-bearer... Here I come, to my Redeemer.

Check out Psalm 121 for words more powerful than my own.

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