Christmas in Review

10:23 AM

Best Food: Christmas Eve’s dinner of Shrimp Linguini… mmmmm. YUM.

Best Musical Moment:
Playing Christmas carols at the piano with a little “help” from the girlies. The 3-year-old sang with all her heart. The 1-year-old liked to play random keys. Strangely enough, the songs still sounded good! :)

Most Hilarious Moment: Playing Apples to Apples with the family. I gave a running commentary on which card the ‘judge’ should pick—then somebody said it was cheating *cough*Bro-in-law*cough*—so then I just gave a commentary on everybody else’s cards! And I still won. HA.

Best Caffeinated Moment: Still awake at 2:30 a.m. Friday night, because of too much Mountain Dew and alot of reassuring my mom that Dad and The Little Bro were “fine” – as they battled icy conditions on the mountaintop for 3 ½ hours. They’re so nice—they were busy rescuing other people.

Best Vacation Accomplishment: Cleaning and re-organizing my entire wardrobe. All the girls can understand the significance of this accomplishment.

Best Gift: Haha, yeah right! I couldn’t even decide...

Most Confusing Gift: The totally awesome digital blender that The Little Bro gave me… and never wrote his name on it. For a whole day, I thought my parents gave me the blender! What a revelation. And I finally told him ‘thank-you’!

Most Childish Moment:
Using crayons to play Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman with my mom at a restaurant.

Best Christmas Word: The Pastor’s sermon on Sunday morning. He said it was “Christmas #2,” but it didn’t have anything to do with Christmas. Well, maybe it did. Maybe I just missed the connection… Hmmm. That happens sometimes. :) Anyway, Pastor preached out of Psalm 23 about the Great Shepherd and the characteristics of a follower. Knowledge (of the Shepherd), Humility, Trust and Pursuit.… It was AWESOME!!!

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