Christmas Mystery

6:44 AM

Christmas season initiates the season of mystery. Because we're all Christmas shopping in preparation for giving gifts, there's alot of whispering, secrets and silent-yet-meaningful smirks. Or, if you are The Sparkly Girl, "AAAAAH, I bought your Christmas present today!!! I'm SO EXCITED! Now I just have to see if you have it already... YAY!!!" Haha. Her eyes fairly exploded with glittery excitement! Hilarious to watch, for sure.

Anyway, some of my weekend was mysterious and will remain so--but I'll share the rest... Friday. I hosted something that I began to refer to as "The Christmas Cookie House Party." Alot of youth people + flour, gingerbread, cookie cutters, mixers, dough chilling outside, loud Christmas music, too many people in one kitchen, It's a Wonderful Life, snowflakes, middle-schoolers running in circles around my house, buttercream frosting, The Grinch, Santa hats, digital cameras, melting chocolate, and generally cheery Christmas chaos. Five hours of baking = Five different kinds of cookies, probably 17-20 dozen. Saturday. I was up early to deliver the cookies to a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. Because we couldn't eat ALL of those cookies. :) ................. <--- And that's a Christmas mystery of my Saturday doings. Later, there was travel to 'the mountaintop' to chill with The Little Bro. I adore cozy fires, Narnia & the company of a certain large black-haired dog. Sunday. Worship was awesome. Unexpected theme throughout. "I'll sing Your praises forever, deeper in love with You. Here in Your courts, where I'm close to Your throne. I found where I belong." And we heard the Word preached about worshipping Jesus, too. Family dinner at my house (I still get a thrill at the words "my house!"). And it was a *real* family dinner--with the whole family, including The Other Bro, his wife and the funny little nephew. More Christmas mysteries....

Christmas: It's the most wondeful time of the year!

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