Weekend IN Review

6:45 AM

Snow changes everything. It changed my plans on Friday night. Snow/freezing rain/ice falling from the sky... so I went grocery shopping on the way home. Then I'm chillin' on my living room couch--working on Christmas presents. My phone rings and it's The Little Bro. He's wondering if I wanna brave the cold and snowy weather to go to the mountaintop. Umm, YEAH!! Before I know it, I'm toasty warm by the wood stove, setting up the ceramic nativity scene (my job for like 10 years now) and defending the rights of my favorite ornaments to reside on the Christmas tree... I might have my own house and (two) my own Christmas trees... but I want everything at "home" to stay the same!! :) I was up early on Saturday morning. The Raven-Haired Girl came to visit my house. We baked cookies for hours and hours, made candy and packaged all the goodies in tiny little boxes for coworkers and platters for neighbors & other special people. In between that edible fun, we managed to make homemade chicken soup and bread, sing along to Christmas music, watch a Christmas movie and wrap some presents!! And then it was off to the annual youth Christmas party!! And what can I say? Those youth people are some of the most hilarious people I have ever met. We played the infamous envelope game (our own invention from last year's party) with a minor modification. This game is a strange variation of musical chairs... with no chairs.. and with people constantly being eliminated. Through the hilarity, we get to learn random facts like who forgot to brush their teeth this morning, who is incapable of winking, etc. The fun increased through a snowman creation contest and the white elephant gift exchange. One jingle-bells-singing gangster penguin was the much-coveted gift. I think 6 people had it... for the record, I ended up with some sparkling grape juice. :) *sigh * So much fun... Again, snow changes everything! I woke up on Sunday morning by some changes to church time. But we still had service!! And a Christmas program! And singing Christmas carols together!! I was privileged to play those carols on the piano.. and I would've been great except I could hear my three-year-old niece belting out the songs and it was so. ridiculously. cute. So I giggled and lost my place. Oops! But it was still a beautiful time!... Remember how I said that "snow changes everything?" I think that's my new signature phrase. And add "ice complicates everything." What an icy weekend. My roomie's car door froze open. Several men had to scrape the whole church parking lot. And my poor car got stuck in my sister's driveway. (I am so glad I am not a man---I pushed the gas pedal. The men pushed the car!). Yeah, gotta love that Northern weather. :) Pleasant evening with the family celebrating my sis' birthday. Rolling up a new yarn ball for crocheting, watching a silent movie, playing with very silly little girlies and talking about football. Good times.

O come, O come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Like I exhorted the youth people on Saturday night, be careful to remember that Christmas is about Emmanuel--God with us. Continue to seek God's presence throughout these nice days off of school or work. It's easy to neglect the pursuit of God out of busy-ness or laziness. But we must continue to hunger after the Word of God and seek His presence in prayer. God's presence is our greatest delight!

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