A Sunday Walk at Hidden Haven

10:34 PM

Is it really a walk when you're climbing mountains? When you're sweating? When you're huffing and puffing and would cry out for air, but you don't have any breath to do so?

I would call that a hike.

We got smart the last time that we visited my parents' house on the mountaintop; we brought walking shoes. We came prepared. Instead of expecting total relaxation, we expected to eat, hike and then keel over with exhaustion. That's exactly what we did.

Instructions for an enjoyable Sunday Hike.

First. Eat things with substance to provide energy for your hike.  photo 2013-05-11_0001_zpse746d325.jpg

Second. Get a good hiking buddy.

 photo 2013-05-11_0003_zpsb6fea2ba.jpg Aha. Oh yeah. Everybody needs a FURRY hiking buddy.

Third. Get a hiking buddy that can talk to you, instead of slobbering.  photo 2013-05-11_0002_zps8cfcf59f.jpg That's my mountain man dad. He makes funny faces for the camera... in between going sooo much faster than us people like half his age and talking the entire time. I can't decide if he has more energy than the average person, or if he just has a better sense of personal drive. After this exhausting hike up and down mountains, over streams, across ridges and through the forest, he still had the energy to jog/run and race the dog up the lane. SAY WHAT? ...while I'm dragging my poor little body along dreaming of sitting down. And he is ENTIRELY TOO HAPPY WHILE HE DOES THESE THINGS. (ahahahaha) photo 2013-05-11_0005_zpse044115e.jpg Fourth. Have a goal in mind. In our case, getting to the top of the next mountain.  photo 2013-05-11_0008_zps08ca4406.jpg So we could look at lovely trees.  photo 2013-05-11_0007_zps79c9c69b.jpg photo 2013-05-11_0006_zps4bef7a70.jpg Look at the view! (My parents' house is somewhere in this picture. Just look closely).

 photo 2013-05-11_0011_zps4e96a513.jpg

Fifth. Be entirely bested by the dog who never stops running ahead. photo 2013-05-11_0009_zps85e2165f.jpg Sixth. See pretty things along the way.  photo 2013-05-11_0004_zps3aede4f7.jpg Seventh. Hold hands with the best person ever. photo 2013-05-11_0010_zps05f40aa2.jpgWe returned to Hidden Haven (my parents' house) to fall over onto the couch, not to get up again for several hours... while eating ice cream and popcorn. And then relaxing in the very wonderful hot tub, which is pretty much the BEST. THING. EVER. after a hike.

The end.

Oh yes, and the moral of the story is that when my dad asks you, "do you wanna take a walk?" you should definitely say yes, because it's awesome fun.... but you should know --- this is actually a hike.

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