My Right Arm

9:39 PM

Who knew that one needs their right arm for like everything?

On Friday, we did a racquetball date night. I learned racquetball from my mom, but hadn't played in years. Brandon had never played before. We all wish that I was a better explain-er of basic game rules. Halfway through the first game, I remembered one of the reeeeally important rules that I hadn't told Brandon yet. OOPS.

Racquetball is invigorating and challenging. There's running and force and body-slamming into walls. There's smiling and huffing and puffing and "ooooh, nice shot!" And any game is more fun when you get to kiss the challenger. :P

We took a few breaks. I ended up laying on the racquetball court. Flat on my back. Because I was HOT and the floor was cool. And then I couldn't figure out how to open the door, and I was having visions of being stuck there forever... until some nice Asian guy let us out. THANKS, MAN! WE COULD HAVE DIED.

Anyway, we played three games. I won one of them. Which is decent. I'm competitive, as in I like to win... but not competitive in that I would be crying or angry if I lost. All in all, we had a blast! Super-duper fun time! We agreed that it was one of the most fun date nights we've had in a long time!... Of course, the last four months of date nights included half-asleep cuddling at home. Because being tired from studying all the time makes us like... "what do you wanna do?" "Stay hooooome!." ;)

In case you think that this blog entry is about racquetball, it's not. I am about to tell you that the first day of raquetball means = 4 days of incredible soreness in my right arm. Did you know that use of one's right arm is absolutely essential for your existence? Or maybe just my existence?

I woke up Saturday morning a little sore... and it all went downhill from there. ;)
Saturday afternoon - had a 'spa day' with some ladies from church. This meant eating food, then painting fingernails and toenails together. Painting my own + other people's nails. Which uses my right arm. Ouchie.
Later Saturday afternoon - had a two hour engagement portrait shoot. Usually, engagement sessions last one hour, but this one was a special Penn State adventure and I was like oooooow by the time I was done.
Sunday morning - played keyboard for worship at church. We play through the worship service for practice (about a half hour), then for the service (another half hour), then I keep playind during testimony time (usually another half hour or so). By the time I was done, I'm like, "Brandon, please massage my arm! It hurts!!!"
Sunday afternoon - drove to New York state to meet one adorable new niece named Marley Jean. I held her for at least an hour straight. Because newborn nieces are adoooorable. And so, the arm hurts.
Sunday night - took a long hot shower. And then heated up the cornbag (think country-heating pad, which ironically, I didn't discover until I visited the city. Because I'm technically a small-town girl, not a country girl).

This got me thinking. What would I do if I didn't have a right arm? I couldn't play piano! I couldn't take pictures! I couldn't write! I couldn't hold up my books to read in bed!!
Cue panic.

Anyway, it's Thursday. My arm feels fine. I am going to play racquetball again tomorrow. And then shoot a wedding on Saturday..... and then play piano on Sunday.... *goes to find another cornbag*.....

PS - more photos coming of this little darling! Being an auntie is grand!! :)

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