Pumpkin Patch While (38 Weeks) Pregnant

8:00 AM

It’s no secret that Brandon and I are pretty-much-in-love with spending time together. One of the perks of our latest semester schedule is that he gets to do most of his studying at home… across the living room from me. While I try not to talk (too much) because he’s thinking about massive engineering problems with figures like x and symbols like ^, it’s still way more fun that our previous semester schedules of both working full-time and then him studying ‘til 2:00 am while I edited wedding photos… (moral of that story is that every season has its challenges, but this season’s challenges are more fun… BABY!).

Recently, we chatted about how to enjoy the autumn season more. Brandon loves autumn… it’s his favorite-season-ever… and I am becoming a convert. It may have been that our Arkansas sojourn ruined my love of summer, or maybe I just missed the Pennsylvania summer completely and could fully appreciate the glories of autumn.

We decided: We’ve never been to a pumpkin patch together! Let’s go on a Saturday afternoon pumpkin patch date!

We climbed aboard the tractor trailer and bumped along a country road… while joking about whether this would send me into labor (it didn’t). And then we arrived at the pumpkin patch!

In my favorite sense of ironic timing, Saturday marked 38 weeks of pregnancy for me. And that meant one of the baby apps said, “Your baby is the size of a small pumpkin.” So we had to take pictures.

And just so you can see the baby bump!

In interest of totally honesty, we didn’t actually pick out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. We just wanted the experience. It was a windy, sunny, delicious kind of day to wander around and try to pick up reaaaaally heavy pumpkins. And I'm a bit of a pumpkin snob. I want to make pumpkin pies, and that requires pie pumpkins... not carve-me-up pumpkins.

Way Fruit Farm is mostly famous for their apple orchards. Though we missed the Apple Festival days (and I have already spent enough time buying/prepping/apple-saucing it up), I was still enthralled by the prettyness of rosy red apples hanging on the trees.

The real star of our afternoon was the warm-from-the-oven snacks from the Way Café! As we were standing in line, I could see the trays of Apple Cider Donuts and Pumpkin Spice donuts being pulled from the oven, and they were still warm when I bit into them several minutes later. Brandon was thrilled about these donuts.

Accompanied by cold apple cider (for me) and hot coffee (for him), we also shared a piece of moist-and-delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and autumn-colored sprinkles. Those sprinkles really made the experience more festive --- you think I’m being facetious.. but I’m not! I like sprinkles!

We grabbed some delicious apple cider + apple butter for the road and so concluded our pumpkin adventure. It was perfect weather, glorious fall foliage and lots of hand-holding time for us. I'd call that a perfect day.

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