9:31 AM

Check this off my things-to-do-in-my-lifetime list:

I have shot a handgun.

A modified Smith & Wesson 9mm, to be exact.

And I hit the target every time.

Be afraid, be very afraid. :)

The Other Brother's passion is guns, so he showed me all the right things to do. How to stand, hold the gun and do some weird triangle bobblehead stance. Now that was hilarious to watch. I guess it looks pretty stupid, but it's smart in a combat situation. But since I'm probably not gonna be in a combat situation, I am free to laugh as I please! ... I didn't slam the magazine in hard enough (though definitely hard enough to hurt my hand), and so the gun jammed after like 12 shots. But I had already hit the Smiling Uber Bad Guy on every shot, so I gladly gave up the gun to the Other Brother to fix and finish the mag.

I took the now very pock-marked Smiling Uber Bad Guy home with me. The Smiling Uber Bad Guy was my own creation, using a cardboard box and a sharpie marker. The Dad said I should take it to work and put it on my desk with a sign reading, "I'll help you in a MINUTE!" hehe.

Moral of the Story:

Handguns are really fun to shoot.

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