My Accidental Career

9:43 AM

Most of ya'll know that I now work in the accounting field. How did I get there? Sometimes I wonder that myself. Here's my story.

I started out my working life at a greenhouse/landscape business, as a humble water girl. That meant hours and hours in the hot sun watering plants that were just gonna die anyway. :) Okay, so the water helped them keep on living. I felt like such a life-saver. *rolls eyes* :) But at least I got a really nice tan! After a couple years and six months before my graduation from high school, my employer asked me to work in the office. I believe my exact title was "office assistant." That was the time in which I got rid of my fear of the phone. lol :) Onward through the next few years and I moved on to another company where my exact title was, "secretary to the assistance vice president." It sounds more impressive than it was, though I did learn alot at that job--particularly how to persevere under trials.

And now to my current employer, I was a "receptionist" in name only for 4 1/2 years... doing mostly accounting work + answering the phones and generally doing waaaaay too much work for one person! Anyway, sometime in the last 3 months, I began the transition of my job from "receptionist" to "accounting assistant." I'm currently learning more about accounting (via online courses) than I've ever wanted to know! These are time-consuming classes so if I haven't talked to you for a couple months, accounting is probably one of the many reasons. :)

In reality, I can honestly say that I don't really have a career. I have a job that God has blessed me with and I have some skills that I've learned along the way. But a career? Naw, not really. I haven't devoted my life to the study of accounting... But I have devoted my life to follow God wherever He leads and do whatever He says. So if accounting is part of the journey, may God help me to do it well.

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