New York City - Part 2

9:44 AM

Since I'm giving my honest opinion on The City, let me continue. Since Part 1 was full of raving about the glories of NYC, let me speak plainly about its flaws and/or my disappointment.

1. Rockefeller Center. Okay, I liked it. Really I did. But I was a little sad that the winter skating rink doesn't become a duck pond in the summertime. (That idea was my own invention, and a pretty good one, if I do say so myself!). :)

2. Music. I love music, especially worship. Everyone knows that. In light of that fact, my lone criticism of Times Square Church is this: Too much music. And with that said, the music is WONDERFUL. "for You are my sweet salvation, my blessed Redeemer!"

3. Trash. It's icky. And it's all over the sidewalks... at least in Times Square, where we spent the day. Maybe other places in the city will be cleaner. Heh, maybe. But I guess that's to be expected with so many people on one itty bitty island. Seriously, people, move to Kansas; you could have your own cornfield!

4. Driving. Thank goodness I wasn't the one that had to maneuver the big white van around the City. Let's just say if I judged NYC by its driving skills alone, I might never go back. I am ecstatic that my next trip to the City will not require my driving within city limits.

5. Noise. Last, but not least, let me just express incredible displeasure at the very not-cool person with ear-splitting bass who sat behind us in traffic for 20 minutes. We shut all the windows and still had to put hands over our ears. And 2 hours later, my ears still hurt. Okay, so my ears are sensitive (as the youth say, "did you hear that? It's a cricket chirping fifty miles away")... but even so, that bass was crazy-loud. Now I appreciate the noise ordinance in State College!

6. Pizza. Well, it wasn't anything to write home about. :) But I'm definitely going back to find some better... even legendary!

And on that note....
I Love New York!

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