New York City - Part 1

9:44 AM

This weekend I had a tiny taste of the City, and now I'm hungry for more!!

New York City is a night-and-day difference from my hometown. City and town being the most obvious differences. If there is one word to describe New York City, it is "busy." People are always moving, walking, going somewhere to do something! That kind of hurried pace is actually normal to me. There's so much to do in my daily life--and yet, every night I go home to the mountain, where life is peaceful again. I can't imagine living in the City, but visiting is a definite must! (can't wait 'til July!)

My Favorite Things:

1. Church. Eight of the ten hours that we were in the City, we spent in church. Is that not awesome?!? We saw David Wilkerson (though he did not preach). Worshipped for hours. Heard a great message from Carter Conlon on "The Inward Groanings of the Righteous."

2. Youth Prayer. I liked it because of the familiarity--the fact that it just felt like "home." We possess that same precious faith and it is evident. It was easy to share in their burdens and simply pray together.

3. Ravi Zacharias. We weren't originally planning on going to the mid-afternoon service as well, but after hearing that Ravi Zacharias would be preaching, we took a vote and it was unanimous. We were going. He spoke on "Apologetics in the 21st Century." I'm actually a little leery of the concept of apologetics, because many people use it as an excuse to argue. However, in hearing Ravi Zacharias preach, it is evident that he is a man that truly loves God and, above all, exalts the message of the Gospel. I was impressed and encouraged in faith. (His big words did go over the youth's heads sometimes. My question is, why does he like the word "transcendent" so much?). :) Oh yeah, and he is HILARIOUS!

4. NYC Friends. It was good to hang out with NYC Guy and NYC Girl during the afternoon. I learned many things... like *true* New Yorkers never wear hats that say, "New York", though they might wear an "I (heart) NY" shirt if it's not in the classic white, they don't get their driver's license, those vents on the sidewalks are for the subway cause it's hot down there in the summer and sometimes those street peddlers have great jewelry. Oh yes, and like every other place I go... the accent is contagious.

5. People-Watching. Made me wish that The Sis and I had visited NYC before her season in life changed (i.e. marriage and children). But as it was, the youth and I had fun watching people while eating our pizza and commenting on their fashion choices. People are so fascinating!

6. Architecture. Stepped inside St. Patrick's Cathedral for a few moments. I liked the outside better--that steeple rising high amidst the skyscrapers. But mostly I got to stare at the stunning visual feast that is Times Square Church (formerly a Broadway theatre). Thoughts were running through my head, like, "How often do they wash those 30-foot curtains? Is this real marble that I'm leaning against? Why can't people make buildings this pretty now-a-days?"

More observations coming soon....

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