9:44 AM

The Lovely Friend and I went to a book sale at the PSU Ag Arena on Saturday morning. I stopped looking for more books when my arms started hurting from the pile of books in my arms. Later that day, my mom and I came back and things got really good because in between looking in the Children's section, Religion and Literature--and my moaning about the fact that all the fiction books were *new*--she noticed a Collector's section. OOOOOooohhh. How did I miss this before? So that's where the old books were hiding!

Without boring you with titles of books I bought, I was happiest about these two. One was a beautiful hardback of Revivals of Religion by Charles Finney. The other was an incredible blue and gold hardback of Tennyson's Poems. *sigh*

At Sunday lunch, my dad was messin' with me... "Look me in the eye and say this without laughing, 'I am not obsessed with my 531 books.'" Of course, I kept laughing. The Little Brother started to make fun of me... until I mentioned his 35 knives. HA!

Later that day, the Other Brother defended me. "It's not 'obsessed', it's 'passionate!'" :) Exactly!

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