Middle Schoolers

9:43 AM

There were six middle-schoolers at my house last weekend. Middle schoolers really are a different sort. They lack the self-consciousness and knowledge of high schoolers, so this combination of honesty and ignorance equals hilarity! Sometimes I choked on my own laughter. Sometimes I just laughed outright. They are also refreshingly unembarassed and didn't take offense at my laughter. Actually I think they were flattered by the fact that someone thought they were funny. :)

Some of their words...

Curious Girl- "What's a 'complex'?"

Curious Guy- "What's 'inhumane'?"

Crazy Kid- *singing at top of his lungs*, "One million bottles of milk on the WALL! One million bottles of milk, take one down, pass it around, one million bottles of milk on the wall!! Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine bottles of milk on the WALL..."
Me-"Why didn't you finish?"
Crazy Kid-"It takes me three seconds to say one of those."
*5 minutes of silence*
Crazy Kid-"It would take me 35 days to finish!!"

Enthusiastic Girl- "I LOVE this SONG!.... (next song plays on the radio)... I LOVE this SONG!.... (next song plays)... I LOVE this SONG!..." :)

This next one is my personal favorite. :)

Witty Kid-"You know, if you rub your seatbelt against your neck, it will cut your head off"
Me-"Who told you that?" (I'm thinking someone's been messin with his head)
Witty Kid-"Oh no, I figured it out myself! Cause once I got a cut on my neck from the seatbelt."

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