Texas - the land that I love.

9:44 AM

The reasons I love Texas:

1. Walker, Texas Ranger – need I say more? :)
2. It’s my birthplace.
3. The accent comes back as soon as I step foot in the state.
4. Texas was its own country.
5. GUNS.
6. Mexican food. and Tex-Mex food.
7. Keith Green is buried there.
8. They have the coolest flag ever.
9. Remember the Alamo!
10. Everything is bigger in Texas – especially the hamburgers.
11. The weather is hot, hot, HOT!
12. Spanish moss hangs off the trees.
13. Need entertainment on a road trip… count the oil wells!
14. Texarkana; the perfect blend of Texas and Arkansas. Okay, so I just think it's a cool word. :)
15. "Y'all" is a perfectly normal word to say.
16. Turn signals are optional.
17. Snow is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
18. There's a church (or two) on every corner.. though that might actually be a bad thing.
19. People, especially children or young people, actually say "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir."
20. Texans got some state pride... sadly lacking in other states.
21. Everybody has an accent.
22. Grits. I like 'em.
23. Hush puppies. Food of my childhood. :)
24. Garden Valley... it's like the Mecca!
25. My very first memories were at church in Texas.
26. That's where my family met the Puhses--our oldest friends.
27. Leonard Ravenhill is buried there.
28. My parents met the Lord there.
29. Texas is bigger than most small countries.
30. Even after all this time (19+ years since we moved to PA), it still feels like "home."

But just to make sure y'all understand, I'm NOT thinking of moving away to Texas. Maybe I'll make a "PA - land that I love" post next. LOL

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