Picnics, Plays and Pursuit

7:19 PM


They're so summery. And that's why I love them. On Saturday, our picnic for the cast of Pride & Prejudice was rained out. Of sorts. The sky was dark, the wind blew like a madman and I was warned by cell phone to run back to the theatre. So there I am, running along in my ballet flats. My confession: I love rain and did wish to be drenched, but common sense won out and I resolved to seek shelter under a building if necessary. As it turns out, the rain was short and semi-sweet (doesn't this make you think of chocolate?), but our picnic was destined to be inside. *sigh*. It was deafeningly loud. How can it not be when twenty-plus teenagers and random adults take over an empty room?

On Sunday, the annual Memorial church picnic commenced at a new location (which made me very happy). This time, another family hosted it and they live right by a park. The most notable events were the fact that I did *not* get sunburnt, because I was smart enough to put on sunscreen this time... And, the not-too-skillful-but-undoubtedly-FUN softball game. Yes, softball brings back the memories for me. In Texas, The Sis and I used to play in the sand behind the backstop as The Parents won games in the church softball league. Years later, in PA, our yard was the gathering place for the neighborhood kids and baseball was our favorite game. Back to the present, I did get hits every time I went up to bat, except once when I got hit by the softball. OUCH. Then we fired the pitcher. Hahaha. Running in flipflops wasn't too hard (better than running on sand in bare feet!). Why don't I learn to wear sensible shoes? Anyway, my team won. By alot. :)


Same play, different showings. The Little Bro's debut as actor was quite an event. He was "Mr. Bingley," the object of interest to the Bennet family in Pride & Prejudice. He was quite a hit. At the second showing, which had a rowdier, livelier audience than the first, the audience roared with laughter every time he walked in the door before he said a word! Maybe it was the cheesy smile. It's like all he did was smile... and look at "Jane." And when the Little Bro "ran out of smile-age" (his words, not mine), he would look at us in the audience and smile even wider. HILARIOUS. I bought a frappucino to make him happy. I figured he wouldn't want a rose, like I gave to The Youth Group Girl who also was acting. :) She played "Lydia" with perfect flippant coyness. And her rose was light pink with dark pink edged petals. Mmmmm, I think I shall grow roses.


We are the scavengers in pursuit of 30 random, useless items to be obtained without purchase or crime. :) Friday night, the youth met in downtown State College for a scavenger hunt. Have you ever walked up to a perfect stranger and asked for a hair? I didn't... because leaders couldn't do the work. HA! But I did watch and laugh. :) And there was that random college student standing on the lawn by a busy street, with an unplugged electric guitar. He gave us a guitar pick, an egg and a piece of junkmail. I *still* can't figure out what he was doing, but he probably thought we were just as weird. :) Unfortunately, my team did not win... but the ice cream afterwards was awesome (inserting plug for the Penn State Creamery. Great ice cream, good ambiance-we ate outside on the patio), so I didn't feel too sad. And the youth loved it.

Yeah, life is good.

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