Clear as Glass

6:45 AM

Though I am sorry to have gone so long without posting, the reality is that blogging is my lowest priority. Truly! On the "To-Do List," it gets a C rating, which means it's not urgent and not very important. So, while I enjoy giving everyone something to crrrr-iticize, alot of things come first. :)

With all that said, I've been enjoying a book called "Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss. It's an odd sort of book and reminds me of "In His Steps", because it is a fictional story with challenging spiritual ideals. Because I don't have alot of reading time, I've taken to reading for 15 minutes or so before I go to sleep. This has been a good thing though. Usually I read a book so fast, I can hardly remember it. (The curse of being task-oriented!). With this book, I read and ponder, and read and ponder. Stepping Heavenward is written as a girl's personal journal from age sixteen onward. It chronicles her struggles, victories, spiritual conversion, engagement, marriage and all the challenges that follow thereafter.

Reading it has been uncomfortable, because my own failures have become clearer than glass to me. My selfishness and impatience are evident, in the very days I am most challenged in those areas. I realize more and more how incapable, in and of myself, I am to walk the Christian life. And that the things I long for will be mine in the timing which God ordains. In this life, His character will be burned upon my heart through trials and fire.

I know this may seem like a muddle to you, but the material point is this: God is working in me. And that makes me happy, happy, happy!!!

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