6:38 AM

Thank you to my two commentators. :) However, I know there are more of you. I'll just believe that your silence is a result of debilitating shyness. :) Stick around though. It only gets *more * interesting around here......

The Big News: I write different than I talk.

It's true. I wonder why that is? Maybe I just put more thought into writing? Maybe the vocabulary of the zillions of books I read comes out when I'm writing, and I stifle it at other times so I don't scare people (or mispronounce words). Maybe I'm ridiculously lame and funny in person, and alot more serious when writing? Actually I am funny in person. But before you find me arrogant, know that usually I am the one that cracks up laughing. I know George Washington says that it's not very classy to laugh at your jokes, but I can't help it-I'm just a happy girl. :) Which is also the reason I randomly break into song. But that's Biblical. For real! Check out James 5:13.

In other news, I was sick on Wednesday. Stayed home from work and everything. GRRRR. But God is faithful and I recovered in a incredibly quick amount of time!! Praise the Lord, my Healer!

Happy Leap Year!!! There was a rumor that this is the only day women are allowed to propose marriage to men. It must be a pagan tradition (I really don't know)... there's just something not right about that concept.

The End.

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