Valentine's Day

6:40 AM

Today is Valentine's Day. I've never been the bitter and cynical single, or the weeping and groaning single, or the "I hate men" single girl. In the world's eyes, I probably should be depressed or desperate, because I am 25 years old: have never dated, never had a boyfriend and never been kissed. *Gasp* I know-shocking, isn't it? I will admit that I did not expect to be unmarried now. But trust means giving myself wholly to the One who has seen my entire life, and knows each step that I should take. It means giving my life to the Lord without reserve or condition, for every moment until my last breath. And so I trust in God!!

With all that said, I'd like to share a bit of poetry that I wrote over five years ago. The style is simple, but it captured my heart's determination and desire.

Written April 2002

It's a full moon tonight
Just because I'm alone
Doesn't mean there is no enjoyment
In the sight of the sky adorned.
The rain falls upon my face
Just because no one holds my hand
Doesn't mean I don't love to walk
In the summer rainstorm; and,
The sun's ablaze with fiery rays
I do not look away.
The beauty still holds my gaze,
If alone is how I stay.
There is a time for everything,
And everything has its time.
A time to laugh, a time to cry.
A time to live, a time to die.
A time to love, a time to hate.
I won't sit here and meditate,
Or think that life is unfair,
Just because no one's there.
I treasure the season of virginhood,
Though difficult it may be.
Though I long for the love of a godly man,
And long for his face to see.
My soul is at rest,
Yet still on the edge.
I am content in this season,
Yet desiring the next.
I pray and I ponder
I live and I wonder
I know right now I'm to be:
A virgin,
Holy and pure.
Only to One.
My joy is sincere.
As I live,
The season of virginhood.

"... And the woman who is unmarried,
and the virgin, is concerned about
the things of the Lord, that she may
be holy both in body and spirit; ... And this
I say for your own benefit; not to put a
restraint upon you, but to promote what
is seemly, and to secure undistracted
devotion to the Lord."
I Corinthians 7:34-35

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