6:44 AM

Most Non-Glamorous Moment: On my hands and knees last night, scrubbing away at a mystery stain in the youth room carpet. Jell-O or red punch? Hmmm.
Most Touching & Hilarious Moment: An unexpected gift of the most MASSIVE water bottle I've ever seen... And the obligatory story behind it: Every Wednesday at youth group, after worship and before preaching, I ask The Little Bro to get me some water. Cuz ya know, all that singing makes my throat dry. Why we've never thought to just keep a water bottle there for me, I have no idea! Anyway, my new water bottle is AWESOME! Drinking out of it is like tipping over an army tank, but it's all good. :)
Most Awe-Inducing Moment: Watching the mysterious beauty of a lunar eclipse. The moon slipped behind the earth's shadow as we watched from 8:46 to 10:10 p.m. I didn't see the whole thing, because nighttime should be for sleeping.. lol.. But what I did see was glorious!
Most Adorable Moment: Seeing The Papoose's face all scrunched up from drinking tangy cranberry punch. It was so cute that we all just kept giving her more. I guess she didn't expect fruit juice to have fizz in it! :)

And one last thought from our Youth Group Belated Valentine's Party:

"Keep yourselves in the love of God..."
Jude 1:21

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