MmmHmm (Randomness)

6:44 AM

Someone borrowed my car and "accidentally" hit a skunk. (I'll mention no names--Little Bro!!!) Five days later, and I can still smell it ten feet away! Let's just hope my coworkers don't noticed the special perfume that may be clinging to me...

I attempted to shoot a coconut. Six shots and all misses. I really need to work on my gun-handling skills. On the upside, the Little Bro's new six-shooter is sweeeeet!

Spent three hours on Saturday night with a scale drawing and a kitchen design book. No, I don't intend to take up home design as a side job. Or being a travel agent, for that matter. Too much frustration, not enough money in that.

On that note, I'm really liking my new correspondence course in photography! So much that I was tempted to read some materials yesterday afternoon... but I figure that homework--no matter how fun--is still considered work and not right to do on Sunday.

It was a great Lord's Day! Much time in church, good time with the Word, awesome time praying with other saints. Did some light reading. I consider it "light reading" if 1. the book was written in the last fifty years. 2. the font is large and the lines double-spaced. 3. the book is less than 200 pages, 4. it is a work of fiction OR 5. it is a work of non-fiction of a not-very-deep subject.

Oh yeah, and I did an unintentional 180 degree turn on an icy road this morning. FUN. Stunt-driving is not in my career path either. Wow, I guess I'm doing the whole process of elemination thing while making life decisions. :)

Anyway, that was a snapshot into my life's weirdness. You're welcome. I know you enjoyed it. :)

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