He is Coming!

6:37 AM

I am…

Grateful. There was a girl I know who tried to commit suicide last weekend. She almost died. Maybe even did die. But by the intervention of God, she draws breath again today. We prayed for mercy---crying out to God for another chance so she could submit to Christ. Does she know how close she came to the tortures of hell? She wasn’t promised one more day, and yet God granted mercy. Because He wills that none perish, but ALL come to repentance…. And so, He is seeking the lost sheep again.

Saddened. Because the soon return of the Lord will be here any moment, and there are so many that are not ready! Like those that dabble on the edge of religion. They like to possess the name of “Christian,” but reject the Lordship of Christ that is absolutely necessary for salvation. They consider themselves ready, but they’re foolish and unprepared. They don’t even know the One who is coming! Christ will come, and they’ll be left behind---reeling in agony and pain.

Comforted. Because I have the promise of Christ: the rescue of His people, His righteous judgments of the world, His victory over satan, the antichrist and all evil, my home in heaven, a new body, the absence of tears and a place in the presence of the Lord forever.

He is coming quickly!! And I am so happy!

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