The Offering

6:44 AM

Tears streak down my face
As I walk the dusty road.
This heart inside is breaking,
And I fear I can't let go.
This offering required of me,
This lamb without defect.
It is the lamb that I have loved,
this lamb that is my best.
So tenderly I cared for it,
Like a mother with her child.
And now I lead to certain death,
To cover my soul defiled.
Wretched sinner am I!
For me, there goes the innocent.

Wretched servant am I!
To the One, I give my pet.
Because I'd rather keep my gift,
than kill this sacred lamb.
Because my soul still resists
This spiritual requirement.
Almost to the temple now,
This journey comes to an end.
The priest is at the doorway.
Now he takes the lamb.
I hear the lamb dying.
My self-will is crying.
But though my flesh cried out against it...
I have given the offering.

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