It's a Blur

6:45 AM

The weekend, I mean... A hard-work, rush-rush, lots-of-thinking blurred kind of weekend.

Friday. I went directly from work to the new church building with a long list of things I should get done. I think I finished two out of six. Not a good ratio. Ah well, life goes on. The Little Bro graciously bought me supper. ("Supper" is a Texas word. Don't hate, you northerners.) And then we headed over the mountain to watch a movie under the stars with The Curly Girl and The Country Boy. Which was awesome. The Little Bro said, "They're never gonna let us come back!" 'cause we laughed about so many things and nobody else was laughing. Hmmmm. Family sense of humor, I suppose.

Saturday. Barely got enough sleep before getting up at 5:30 a.m. (on a Saturday!) to be at the old church building by 7:00 a.m. for the final moving/work-day. Was a little zombie-ish until someone gave me cheap cappucino/hot cocoa sludge. Combined with a donut, and the sugar rush turned me into a new woman! The next 7 hours were filled with cleaning, vacuuming, struggling with boxes and sound system cords, talking about a house, setting up chairs, taking down chairs, running down stairs, going to the cool music store with The Pastor's Wife, more talking about stuff. Finally, we were all worn out (the Little Bro had been sleeping on the church floor for like an hour) and hungry so we went to "lunch" together. Methinks it was about 2:00 p.m. .... Since Friday afternoon when I received a phone call from my realtor, I had been thinking/praying non-stop about my decision on the purchase of a house. And then, as I rested in the truck and waited for The Little Bro to finish something, God confirmed His Word to me again. Just a simple phrase on the radio, but He confirmed. *smile* Onward towards home for a nap, worship planning, song-writing and I'm sure there's more, but it's all a blur.

Sunday. First service in the new building!!!!! New house. Or "house church." Worship was quite bare-bones. Just two keyboards and one mic (me). I smacked my head on a shelf, so I can't remember anything about the service... haha, just kidding. My head did hurt, though. Our church building is so small, I was backed up against a closet door for worship. Like The Pastor says, "We're COZY!" Fellowship before, during and after the service. The new place is so warm and welcoming. Or maybe it's just us. :) Kudos to The Crazy Kid for getting me a drink of hot cocoa of his own free will. What a nice young gentleman. Great sermon about "finishing the race." Onward to home for a nap, making chocolate-chip-cookie-dough, family time and long discussions about a house. I wish I could say that I got some good sleep, but again I lay awake, stared at the ceiling, thought and prayed about a house, life, ministry and seasons of change. This non-sleeping thing has been a trend during the last two weeks of house deliberations. But the Lord sustains me. And some great Supertones music kept me awake during the drive to work early Monday morning. It's all good. :)

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