Moments from the Weekend

6:35 AM

Funniest moment: The Green-Eyed Girl and her mom doing a “happy dance” in the church parking lot about my house purchase. “Rejoice with those that do rejoice…”

Most painful moment:
Waking up Monday morning a little sore from a jolting mountain bike ride with the adventurous members of the family.

Most relaxing moment: Curled up on a blanket with The Namesake Girlie & youth girls, watching a movie outdoors under the night sky. :)

Most forgettable moment: Realizing that my confusion/preoccupation caused me to forget my mom’s birthday. Oops. So no present yet, but I did make her a cake!

Most child-like moment: The Little Bro and I see-sawing on the playground at The Nieces’ birthday party. Don’t worry—thirty minutes later, we had a mature discussion about career and financial goals.

Happiest moment (not involving my own purchase): Playing with the new business camera, an amazing Nikon DSLR! OH BABY!!

Stupidest technology moment: Texting The Little Bro while he sat next to me. Hey now, it was funny.

Most nostalgic moment: Becoming a YMCA member again, at the same YMCA that I spent countless hours as a kid/teenager. Same place that my brothers became pool sharks, The Sis went for an ambulance ride and I hung out & read books.

Loudest moment:
When Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal!!! There was yelling, and then bouncing on the couch after I got shushed because little ones were sleeping. :)

Best praisin’ moment: Testifying in church about God’s provision of my house, and His faithfulness in the journey to teach me trust, faith and how to hear His voice. He accomplishes His promises in His own time!!

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