Obey Anyway

6:42 AM

I like observing the parenting skills of those around me. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things that children say. Last night, we tried to take a whole family picture. WHOLE family. Including The Other Bro and his family visiting home from North Carolina. And The Sis, The Bro-in-Law and two little nieces who needed a nap very desperately! We're all sitting on a picnic table outside, camera on a tripod and try to smile at the same time. I would push the button and start singing a random song while running to sit down. The singing was supposed to help little people be shocked out of the crying. :) It was fun times, but that's not the point.

One niece wails, "But I'm tiiired!" And The Sis says calmly, "You still have to listen to Mommy when you're tired." Wow. Profound.

That statement got me thinking about obedience. The Lord never made allowances for our obedience or disobedience. He never said we could avoid obedience if the conditions change - like we get tired (lol), or people do wrong to us, or life gets hard. The Ten Commandments were not "Do not murder, unless someone makes you angry" or "Do not steal, unless someone steals from you," or "Do not lie, unless you're under threat of death" or "Honor your parents, unless they're mean..."

What we do ought to be determined by the Word of God, not our circumstances or the conditions of our life. This is my challenge to me and to you today. Obey God anyway. Even when you're tired. :)

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