Building Sand Castles

6:39 AM

Here's a quote from a book. It follows the same lines as The Pastor's Wife mentioned in a recent blog post about making assumptions in guy/girl relationships. We ladies love to over-think the actions of gentlemen around us, and read into their words and generally build our dreams. Be warned, my sisters in Christ, this is not a good path to travel. Guard your thoughts and dreams diligently. What you think today is what you will do tomorrow, whether it be right or wrong.
"Never in my life will any man make any headway with me again with vague suggestions and innuendos and hints. If ever any man wants to be anything in my life, he will speak plainly and say what he wants and thinks and hopes and intends and feels in not more than two-syllable English. I learned my lesson about the futility of building your house of dreams on a foundation of sand. Next time I erect a dream house, it is going to have a proper foundation of solid granite."
Her Father's Daughter by Gene Stratton-Porter

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