Somethin' Like This

6:46 AM

Weekend went somethin' like this...

Friday. Over four hours of photography homework. Who says that graduating from college means the end of education? It was inspiring anyway. And I watched a random Disney Channel movie, because I'm cool like that. I know, I know--it's lame and cheesy and you can totally predict the plot. But it's cute... and the kicker of it all - it's CLEAN! Which I can't say about most movies out there. Saturday. Garage-saling in the morning. Came home with a "new" jacket, a framed kitchen art, and books. Cause you know I can't go anywhere without buying books. Garage sales are cool because you can buy wonderful, slightly-used items for under $1. The secret is to be very choosy and always have someone to give a 2nd opinion. So ya don't come home with expensive junk. Anyway, afternoon was work at home. Makin' peach crisp with fresh peaches. Yum! And then it was off to the fair! (Which always reminds me of Charlotte's Web! lol) Good times with my peoples-Walking and walking. Tasting red birch beer (Weird). Taking lots of pictures. Observing oddly-dressed animals and smoking tractors and a tent city of monumental proportions. Admiring and critiquing photography. Seeing random old acquaintances. Trying to capture the fair's ambiance with a camera. Generally having a good time, but remembering why I've avoided the fair--which is a revered legend in our area of Pennsylvania. I just don't like the crowds. Sunday. Last-minute changes on the worship song service, but it's all good. It seemed like everybody, especially the young people, had something to praise the Lord for. And The Pastor preached on pride and humility. Oh-my-goodness, very awesome! Excepting my tiredness, which proves that I shouldn't be out late on a Saturday night; fair or no fair. Home for a late afternoon dinner with the whole family. Which had been preceded by my mad scrambling to make a chocolate dessert for my I-don't-like-fruit-desserts daddy. I guess it was a hit because the whole pan of Chocolate Oatmeal Bars is completely gone today. Afterwards, we talked, laughed, recorded some music, dozed a little, discussed my house purchase and The Little Bro's car search, took family pictures, played on the floor with small people, made stupid jokes, rocked on the porch swing, ate some more dessert and generally liked having the family together again. :)

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