HOUSE and the Calming Word

6:43 AM

I could talk about funny stuff that was said throughout 16 hours of baking/cooking/teatime-preparing with The Curious Girl and The Green-Eyed Girl. I could talk about soft candlelight and the clinking of china and silver on a summer evening. I could talk about putting my first offer on a house. I could talk about another summer bonfire with friends. I could talk about losing a great battle in chess or hiking up a mountain or playing music for friends or sharing testimonies about a wonderful 10 years in our church building.

But I won't.

I'd rather talk about what the Lord did in me and how He spoke to me. You see, I didn't recieve an answer on Friday about that offer on the house. Which meant I was waiting until Monday. So my thought processes throughout the entire busy weekend went something like this: "Gonna be home around 8:30... home, HOUSE, I might buy a HOUSE.... Must put appetizers in the oven, clean kitchen... kitchen, the HOUSE has a kitchen... teatime, guests, hospitality.. HOUSE, wonder what the seller is thinking about the price of the HOUSE?... trying to sleep here.. HOUSE, HOUSE, HOUSE... church is good, I'm glad we're getting a new building-HOUSE.." Get the idea? Yes, this explains why I slept little and seemed spacey in conversation to friends. But the testimony in all this is how the Lord spoke to me. Countless times over the weekend, I was reading the Word and a certain verse just grabbed my heart. I'd repeat the Word to myself, write it in my journal and then read it again. I'd meditate on it and go back to it throughout the day. What a calming, amazing sense of peace I feel.

"Your testimonies also are my delight; They are my counselors."
Psalm 119:24

"My counselors" can also mean 'the men of my counsel.' The picture of my mind is being surrounded by a circle of old, grey-haired wise men. And that's comforting to me. I WILL NOT go wrong if I'm depending on the Word as the men of my counsel. Seeking the wisdom of the Word, and the safety of many counselors by constant study of the Word.

Thank You, Lord, for Your precious Word.

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