Negatives & Positives

6:42 AM

Recent Pet Peeves:

1. Use of the word "holy" for anything besides reverent reference to God or His attributes. I.e. "holy smokes" or "holy cow." Umm, they're not holy! Maybe I'm old-fashioned... but even the word itself seems to be 'set apart.'

2. “Irregardless.” Probably the stupidest word in existence. The real word is "regardless". Think it, use it, embrace it!

3. Whispering. My co-workers like to have long conversations in whispers. All I hear is "sss-susus-sssssss." Not very nice. And it makes my ears feel funny. They're sensitive like that. Haha.

4. Text messaging while hanging out with a group... You made a decision to be social with people, so be social with them--not your text buddies. Text messaging while hanging out is not multi-tasking. It doesn't make you look popular or important. It is rude. It shows a selfish inconsideration for others. And don't even get me started on private text conversations happening with two people in the same group.

5. The smell of cigarette smoke. If you see me walking around with my shirt collar around my nose like an air filter, I'm just trying to protect my health. Even a tinge of cigarette smoke makes me sick.

6. Repeating what I say. Maybe it’s a family thing. I’ll say to The Sis or The Little Bro, “Are you listening?” And instead of just giving a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response, they repeat the last two sentences that I said! Weirdos.

Okay, just so we don't end this blog post on a negative note. Here are some things that made me happy and positive recently.
1. Unexpected encouragement from my sisters in the Lord.
2. RAIN. The dry land was thirsty and my car was dusty, so this rain is an answer to prayer!
3. Goldenrod. It's like the daisies of autumn. :)
4. Learning a bar chord on the guitar. The concept is finally gettin' through!
5. The return of my mom after her mini-trip to "God's Country" with the church kids.
6. Checking things off the house closing to-do list. :)

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