The Best Of...

6:45 AM


Laughter. Yes, laughing until the tears came over the comedy of Brad Stine about animal rights. I cried *real tears*… Mucho gracias to The Chatty Girl for her insistence on watching those videos! :)

Group Effort/Tract Stamping. “Can you answer the million-dollar question? And why did you stamp your arm? Everyone should stamp their arms! And then get it tattooed there! Ahhhh, no, I was kidding! Don’t tell your parents that the youth leader endorsed tattoos… it was a joke! A JOKE!”

Spontaneous Music. BarlowGirl and Casting Crowns, tinkering on the piano and pretty harmony with the youth girls.

Shopping. The long-awaited, much-planned-for shopping trip with The Sis and two little girlies. Who just loved to play under the clothes racks (just like I used to!) and fast food of the Mexican persuasion and listen to stories read by auntie while mommy was busy in the fitting room. And yes, I did manage to purchase some lovely new clothes. :)

Anne of Avonlea. Sunday afternoon movie. Restful and romantic and wonderful. My roomie agrees. And my parents even watched for awhile! :)

Pasta, pasta, pasta… I (heart) new Italian recipes. And making food for hungry people. And my messy apron. And garlic bread that semi-flopped, but still tasted grand. And sparkling grape juice.

New Glasses. Not eye-glasses. Cup glasses. For liquids. My own set. In my own house. For months, I have been constantly breaking what few glasses I had. Another two glasses bit the dust on Thursday. My joy over the new glasses was quite effusive... What can I say? The little things excite me.

Glorious Almost-Springtime. Walks about town wearing a hoodie! Not a wool coat!! Caressing breezes, not bitter cold. Planning for my flower/herb/vegetable gardens. Spring is not here yet… but it’s coming!

LOOK! The single most distinct word from Sunday morning’s sermon. I was on the edge of my seat, chin resting in my hands, leaning forward and completely riveted by The Pastor’s words as he told the story of Charles Spurgeon’s salvation. I must tell the story because it affected me greatly. Spurgeon tells of a snowstorm on the day he was saved, and he was forced to attend a Primitive Methodist church. Very small congregation, only about 12-15 people. The one who preached was not a minister, but a layperson, and according to Spurgeon, “a very thin-looking man… this man was very stupid. He was obliged to stick to the text, for the simple reason that he had little else to say!” This man preached about looking at Christ. Then, he fixed his eyes on Spurgeon and said, “Young man, look to Jesus Christ! Look! Look! LOOK!” And that happy day, Charles Spurgeon found the Savior. And on this blessed Sunday, I was reminded to LOOK at Christ, my Shepherd, Leader and Shelter.

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