6:35 AM

When I rejoice…or yell… or sigh… or laugh… (Weekend in Review)

When my fingers were numb with cold during Friday night outreach: “suffering for the Gospel—American-style!”
When TV people decide to switch back-and-forth between basketball games when there remains only 15 seconds on the clock, and then another game in double-overtime: “What are you DOING?!”
When we work on songwriting after midnight.
When the giggling is unending during youth girls’ breakfast.
When The Bro-in-Law roto-tills the garden for me—I keep saying “THANK YOU!”
When I beat at a shrub’s roots with a shovel for 30 minutes, and it does no good (can I just cover it up?).
When friends come to help with non-glamorous spring gardening.
When I imagine green grass and flowers and pretty bushes and vegetables growing!
When I view Fireproof twice in 24 hours.
When I cheer for the underdogs in basketball—just because they’re underdogs (and Texan).
When I spend hours hanging with the young adults and my team rocks at Buzzword—we are the champions!
When the middle school boys get excited over baked goods (I paid a pie-debt).
When we sing with glorious abandon during Sunday morning worship!
When The Pastor preaches about ditches again… actually, NOT falling into ditches of hyper-sovereignty or hyper-faith. Just handle the Word accurately!
When Sunday dinner at my parents’ house turns into a house party—the food multiplied to feed a crowd! :)
When Bible studies and conversations about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and excitement over God’s work spontaneously happen.
When I constantly sink power shots, while insisting “I’m REALLY not this good at pool!”
When my family watches a most intriguing documentary on youtube.
When I step out my parents' front door and am breathless over the panorama of dazzling stars in the evening sky.

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