Weekend in Review

6:45 AM

Home, sweet, home… On Friday night, we packed an incredible number of youth and young adults into my house for a veritable feast of Mexican food. Including strange, yet yummy fruit empanadas and miscellaneous Mexican dishes… then time for my new favorite movie—Madagascar 2! Remind me never to invite that many people for a movie night! It was hilarious and very squished and my legs were numb after only about five minutes. Ouch! Much laughter and funny commentary and poking people. After the crowd thinned, we watched the movie again. LOL. Because my roomie hadn’t seen it yet. And because I needed to make sure the hilarious quotes were correct! “It’s a bit of a dump—are you sure we’re not in New Jersey?” and “Whatever happened to de separation of de classes?”Saturday was much-home-time. Besides working out at the gym with my slave-driver of a brother. Ouch! Cleaning, reading, writing, working on music, hunting up financial information. This was so much more interesting because of the gorgeous pre-spring weather. Only a teaser because March often comes in like a lion and stays that way even until April. But I enjoyed the lovely weather nonetheless. With the windows flung wide open, listening the creek waters’ rippling music, feeling the caressing breezes and hearing music in my soul… Sunday began quite abruptly with a phone call informing me that I had neglected (because of ignorance) to turn my clocks back for daylight savings’ time and needed to be at church in 15 minutes. It’s a 10 minute drive. Figure that one out. Nothing like getting ready for church in 5 minutes!!! And then forgetting stuff and driving back home. A little late, but there have been worse mornings. :) It was an incredible doctrine teaching day. Two sessions about salvation, justification by faith, regeneration, sanctification and the basics of how to get saved, and what you do because you’re saved. Then lunch with the family, missions reading, a nice nap, an ice cream run with the roomie and lovely time with an English movie and lots of blogging. It's nice to have a pleasant home. And to spend a weekend at home. :)

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