Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

6:40 AM

Quick thinking word games with The Little Bro while on the road. Slapping together sandwiches for the bachelor party. Victorious bball games and time with friends. Following an energetic child around the gym and talking. Chinese food & movie musical time. My warning text to a bachelor at the bachelor party, “Is it safe to come home now?” hehe. (No worries, people—the most horrible thing they did was annihilate each other in video games!). Giddy groom & groomsmen. I love how people become giddy before a wedding. It must be the love in the air!… Early breakfast at Starbucks (YES!!!). Teatime with lemon cake and great conversation. A GOOD morning! :) Stealing moments at the piano. Frantic searching for people to pin boutonnières onto them. “I’m just the assistant!” AWWWWWW at the whole wedding. Even the kiss and the good-bye sparklers, “Stop waving those around! You’ll singe my suit!” An hour of indecisiveness during and after the reception: “What do you wanna do?” “I don’t know; what do you wanna do?” The funny-ness of The Three Stooges wrestling on the floor as the girls watched a chick flick. An “Aha!” moment - making family connections while meeting a pastor & his wife. Onward to hang out the miscellaneous young adults. Pool games with little skill and much jesting about Puerto Rican pool rules. And then I gave up—and played the piano. Teatime again. Madagascar 2 and then much, much conversation late into the night and early into the morning. Constant fidgeting—why can’t I be still? HA-lariousness about a poor little girl hitting her head, Mexican heritage, King Julian and other such nonsense… Snow in Virginia! Time in the presence of the Lord. "How great is our God! Sing with me, how great is our God!" Hearing the Word about gods created by people for themselves, “Bobble-head Jesus” So true. Inconveniencing everyone by the growing group of young adults standing in front of the church doors. Lunch-time with “family,” yummy chicken curry, birthday cake and my favorite people. :) Back home in PA—energy drink in hand. Heading straight to someone’s house for game night… I didn’t play any games though… Hmmm… ‘Twas good to hang with my people again. Roomies, youthies and young adults all gathered in one apartment. “Who wants to see wedding pictures?” :) Then headed for my little home-sweet-home.

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