Happy 300th Post!

11:31 AM

But I won't waste this epic 300th blog post by rambling about blogging...

Let's talk "Weekend in Review!"

For some reason, competition was the theme of my entire weekend. There was 3 crazy games of racquetball with my mom. And watching scary people play basketball at the IM building. There was the youth group’s raucous and intense Killer UNO tournament. The Green-Eyed Girl won it all! And wore her UNO Champion hat proudly! Then I watched basketball. Then I watched my mom and The Little Bro compete in a racquetball doubles tournament. It was double elimination and they lost both matches. However, one team they played would be heading to nationals next week—and Mom & The Little Bro gave them reason to be scared!! NICE! :) And I watched more crazy IM basketball… actually considered joining one game full of Chinese guys. Because they were about my height! :) Later that day, I played some basketball with The Tall Guy, The Crazy Kid and The City Guy…. Doesn’t that sound fun? Actually, it was quite invigorating. However, playing on a mountaintop means running down a hill every 5 minutes to retrieve a runaway basketball. A-nnoy-ing! Then I played some pool. And lost miserably (I knew my skills from last weekend were short-lived!). And checked basketball scores. Then Sunday came—party at my house! MORE basketball watching.

It sounds like I did nothing except obsess over sports. Which is not true! There was still time throughout the weekend for cleaning the house, watching a girlie movie, grilling for the 1st time this season!, deep conversations, campfire in the misty rain (and playing with fire), baking for my middle-schoolers, reading a book that made me angry, good news from the accountant!, CHURCH, laughing til I cried, Sister Act 2 (watching only the music parts!), introducing myself to new people, AWWWing over The Little Lady Baby’s hand motions during a Sunday School song, reading of an intriguing book, listening to good teaching CDs and philosophizing about Keith Green's life, writing a song, looking at new handguns, taking notes about God's moves throughout history and so much more. :)

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