MoS: Danger, Danger

6:37 AM

We are nearing the end of the long, very extended series on Singleness. I didn't realize that it has been over a month since the beginning of this series. This is partially because singleness is a such a multi-faceted topic, and partly because I don't blog as a full-time job. Thank goodness.

It's important to keep marriage and singleness in the right perspective. While these things seem ALL-CONSUMING to the single person, life is not all about marriage. Life is all about God. When our eyes are turned to always seeking a relationship or romance or marriage or fulfillment from people, disappointment is unavoidable! We (especially the ladies) start think the our ultimate fulfillment comes from marriage. The white horse/my prince/typical chick flick storyline fantasy is just that---a fantasy. The story doesn't end at marriage. As Christians, our blessed hope is found in the coming of Christ! We should always looking up--looking forward to His return. While there is nothing wrong with looking forward to another season of our lives, we cannot elevate marriage above its proper place. Marriage is GOOD. It's God's will for many of us. Marriage will come in God's proper timing. However, it is not our ultimate goal in life! If we think that way, life after the honeymoon is gonna be quite devoid of purpose... Not God's intention at all.

Another danger to our perspective is the tendency to believe that marriage a reward for the really spiritual people!... Sounds so strange when I write this out in black-and-white. Sometimes, we start to believe that God is trying to teach us something by withholding marriage. Newsflash: Sinners get married all the time! Non-spiritual people get married all the time! Baby Christians get married all the time! Mature Christians get married all the time! Marriage is not a prize for when we do a certain number of good works. Or attain some spiritual level. Actually, in 1 Corinthians 7, marriage is suggested if you don't have self-control. Because you know, it's better to marry than to burn! Hmmmm. :) My point is, again, don't elevate marriage above its proper place. If you are wholeheartedly seeking God--not marriage--He will lead you in the times and seasons of your life. Probably to marriage. It will be for His glory alone!

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