MoS: The End

6:43 AM

The end draweth nigh, and here it is! We’ve talked about sooo many topics relating to Singleness. Things like Trust, Idolatry, Purity, Friendship, Distraction, etc. I’ve racked my brain to think of the many struggles and victories that I’ve had, and tried to write about them all. I hope that you (whether married or single) have found encouragement, exhortation and edification through this series. I pray that God’s Word is a seed that is received into the good soil of your heart and that it will bear spiritual fruit in your life. Now let's close this with a bang!

Last topic, but not the least… let’s talk about the most important part: Knowing God!

“More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…”
Philippians 3:8

Being victorious in this season of singleness comes down to one thing: your relationship with God. Letting Him speak to you and you speaking with Him. Growing, learning, maturing, listening, serving, obeying. It’s all about knowing God. If you get this right, you get it all right! This is the secret. The good news. The magic pill (being facetious). Just know God.

But you might be still stuck on the Singleness topic. Still wondering—how do I get from singleness to marriage? And I answer again, focus on knowing God. My pastor said recently, “Too many are looking for leading, without looking for the Shepherd.” If you know the voice of the Shepherd, you won’t be able to miss His will for your life! When the enemy brings thoughts of doubt and questions to my mind, such as, "What if you would've done this? Gone here? Done that? Where would you be now? What if you missed God?", I always go back to the fact that I had been with God, praying, reading His Word, doing His work, seeking His will. And I am trusting His voice in my daily decisions, so I can't miss Him in the big decisious.

We could sum up with one simple phrase:
“Pray and Obey.”
Daily, hourly, and throughout our lives. We must seek to know Christ, and obey His voice. Through this, we will honor Him in every season of life-including singleness.

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments on this series, please leave a comment! I welcome your feedback. :) And it's always good to hear that people are reading!

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