Ever Wonder?

6:36 AM

Have you ever wondered how you would respond to a life-and-death situation?

Or if you would have the courage to be faithful to Christ when there's a gun to your head?

Or if you could travel through a jungle alone to reach people for the Gospel?

Or if you could give up all your possessions?

Or if you could remain (happily) unmarried, should the Lord order your steps that way?

Or if you could obey the Lord's command when everyone thinks you're crazy?

Or if you could persevere for years to see one soul rescued?

Or if you could walk away from everyone you love, and not see them again until heaven?

Or... if you could still live in radical devotion to Christ... even in the comfort and convenience of America? When the pressure is to be 'normal'? When nobody lives like the book of Acts anymore? When nobody wants to rock the boat-unless it means fame and fortune? When a true Christian = freak, crazy, nutcase?

No more wondering for me.

I have been enslaved to God. Whatever happens to me is meaningless. My Master has my complete devotion. If I perish, I perish. I have been set in this time, this place, this country, for such a time as this!

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