Writing Music

12:29 PM

Late one Friday night, I was driving home from a youth event. The Little Bro was dozing in the passenger seat. I believe it was rainy and foggy like another night, and so I was remembering not-so-fondly that I had smashed into a deer that night. And so I started singing. A random, spontaneous song. About that "fuzzy brown deer." Ten stanzas later (Yes, they all rhymed!), the Little Bro was laughing and shaking his head. "I've never heard anyone sing so good about hitting a deer." Did I mention it was late?

Just last Friday night, I was having dinner with The Sis and my two adorable nieces. We were eating something with green beans in it. The Papoose had pre-determined that nothing looked too appetizing (to a 2-year-old. It was really good though). So I sang a song about green beans. She laughed and said, "Again!" I obliged. "Again!" Sigh.

This morning I was thinking about stupid music. I decided that it really doesn't take much to write a popular song that talks about nothing. Just to prove the point to myself, I wrote a chorus that has major possibilities. I can tell it's good-cuz it's been stuck in my head all morning. Someone call a pop star: I just wrote their next radio hit!!!

Why am I talking about this?
Because I believe that it's EASY to write songs from the soul. Almost everybody is living from their soul. Being influenced by whatever touches the emotions. I'm not just talking about nice ballads that make girls melt into puddles of romantic goo. Also driving rock songs that make people wanna take on the world. And rap songs that overflow with hatred and violence.

I noticed a trend in youth groups. Give an unspiritual youth a CD with great lyrics on almost every song. They will pick out the most soulish song on that album and come to you saying passionately, "ohmigosh, I love this song!" It's like, DUDE! Did you miss that glorious song about meeting Jesus in the Rapture?? It is a huge waving red flag that says "I am driven by my emotions, not my spirit."

Sure, it takes talent to write songs. But it takes a genuine walk with God to write spiritual songs. Throughout history, there have been those who walked closely with the King of Kings. Their songs have endured through generations, telling of the greatness of God and the nearness of His presence. People like Charles Wesley and Keith Green.

I want to write songs that go beyond pretty music that moves the soul or nice lyrics that make people feel good. I want to write songs from the heart of the Father. And songs that move believers into the presence of God.

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