Kitchen Mess

6:45 AM

Or, could be titled...

10 Reasons Why Kitchen Remodeling is part of the CURSE!

1. Trash Can Dance. Holding small trash-able object in hand, walk to middle of the floor. Raise eyes. Bow head. Half turn. Three steps. Pivot hips. Step back. Full turn. Five steps forward. Look 'round the room. No trash can in sight. Give up. Carry trash-able object around for the next hour.

2. UFO. Unidentified Floating Objects. "Is that sawdust or concrete dust in my drink?"

3. No Baking Possible. Enter Fruit Roll-ups, storebought cookies and Walmart granola bars. Maybe that sounds appetizing to you. Me? I just want an apple pie. Or real cookies. Or homemade dinner rolls. Or something not processed!... We're currently limited to the toaster and my itty bitty confection oven in the apartment. I like muffin mixes. :) Except it only bakes 6 muffins at a time.

4. Where's a Spoon?? I'm a creature of habit. Every morning at 5:00 am, I wake up, climb down the loft ladder, stumble into the kitchen, select a cereal box in my bleary-eyed sleepiness, get milk from the fridge and sit down at the table. This is my routine. It should not be changed! Because, ya know, I don't really get awake until half-way through my bowl of cereal. So it is very perplexing to me when there's nothing to eat my cereal with. I have--*gasp*--just ate a granola bar instead. And for me (cereal maniac), that's huge.

5. Grocery Shopping Mission. Always ask these essential questions. "Can I microwave it? Can I toast it? Will I be able to find dishes to prepare it in?"And the winner is: "Can I eat it raw without dishes or utensils?!" Apples are perfect. Too bad they just make me hungrier.

6. Slippers Required. I just wanna walk in bare feet. In the kitchen. Yes, very cliche.

7. Job Half-Done. Sure, you can pan-fry that fish in an electric skillet. But you have no spatula with which to turn it. Or platter to put the fried fish on. And don't even ask where the ketchup went. We don't know either.

8. Pretty, But Useless Appliances. See that large, stainless steel object by the wall? Beautiful bit of modern art. Oh yes. And that's all it is... until the floor is installed in several weeks. After THAT, we can plug it in and marvel at its sudden usefulness.

9. Moving Furniture. Sometimes the table is in the living room. Sometimes it's in the kitchen. We haven't put it on the ceiling yet, though. Maybe tomorrow. Like Mary Poppins. Haha!

10. Miscellaneous Feeling of Being Unsettled. Ya know that weird tightness in the chest you get during a move between houses? Well, imagine that extended by like three months! Then again, maybe this is a tool of satan used to buffet my flesh. Like, the flesh that just wants to be in control! This could be a good thing.

But, no worries... cause after this is all over, we're gonna have a bee-you-ti-ful new kitchen!!!!!! So I'm not too bitter about all this stuff. Just trying to keep perspective. :)

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