Moments of Joy

6:43 AM

Late night (for me!) conversation with The Sis while studying home decorating books and Country Living magazines. We decided that home decorating is not that hard. It just takes an eye for beauty. And not everything has to match! In fact, some rooms didn't match at all. I don't think my matchy-matchy heart could handle that.

Sitting on the grass in a park with The Little Lady Baby. Just soaking in the glorious spring sunshine! And smelling the darling's little baby-sweetness. Awwww.

Teaching The Papoose how to swing really high without being pushed! She was so excited to go to the park that she jumped up and down. Haha, adorable. :)

Buying books. Oh the wonderful books! Prison letters of Deitrich Bonhoeffer, a treasury of Sherlock Holmes, Louisa May Alcott, "Commandos for Christ" (story of a missionary to Bolivia!), a history of secret intelligence in the United States and many more. I have widely varied literary tastes.

Tea party with The Namesake... There's not much quite as interesting as a tea party with a five-year-old girl. Especially a chattering red-haired nymph. Note to self: Buy decaffeinated tea. I felt guilty for serving caffeinated tea to the small person right before bedtime.

Wearing a new dress to church. I'm not vain!!! I just don't usually find lovely dresses. And hey, the virtuous woman was clothed well.

Family funny-ness on the way to church. Buzz phrase: "Did you miss the Rapture?" LOL

Sunday testimonies that didn't stop. Just kept going and going and going. We needed encouragement, I guess!

Afternoon prayer meeting with the youth. And The Raven-Haired Girl's perspective afterwards. Learning how to become bold in prayer is something that I worked on as a young youth, and pretty much everyone else I knew did, too. Christians pray. That's what we do. Just say "no" to the fear of man!

And a blessed fire on a rainy, cold Sunday evening. Oh the bliss!

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