6:40 AM

I find it funny that no one commented yet on the post about The Zing! Nobody wants to touch it! Or else, you all think I'm wack. :) Haha, no worries though.

One certain commentator inspired a long conversation about eye color last night. First in this blog, she was The Brown-Eyed Girl. Then she was The Hazel-Eyed Girl. Now, because the doctor said so!, she's The Green-Eyed Girl. I'm thinkin' she's just confused (or maybe I am!)... but I suppose she looks at her own eyes more than I look at them, so she oughta know. :) Thanks for all the comments, Green-Eyed Girl!

Awesome time at youth cell group last night!!! Had a wonderful discussion about killing the flesh. (Why does everything I say sound funny?) Seriously though! It was great! Our time together reminded me of the reason we have cell group-to practically apply the Word to our lives. It was a time of honesty and humility. As we talked and prayed together, I felt the unity of the Spirit.

And I almost fell asleep on my notebook last night. And that is not cool! Because I was studying and if sleep had overcome me, the concordance would have fallen on my head and the pen would've stabbed me... and it would've hurt.

I promise better thoughts tomorrow. It's Wednesday. I'm about neck-deep in sermon preparations and youth details. And some things are too painful to write about now. So I joke. Because that's just how I deal.

The Lord has promised good to me,
His Word my hope secures...

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