Pursuit of Marriage, Continued

6:44 AM

God's voice will come primarily through the Word, and the inward witness of the Spirit. You gotta know for yourself that this is the right person to marry and the right time to marry, because after all, you're the one making the life-long, unchangeable, unbreakable commitment. However, God does also use other avenues to reveal or confirm His Word to you.

1. Your parents. In Scripture, it is the parents that are given the responsibility to train their children in the ways of God and children given the responsibility to honor their parents. One of the best ways to honor your parents when you're an adult is to lean on their wisdom. They've lived longer than you, they (should) know God better than you and usually they know you better-or more honestly-than you know yourself. This is assuming that your parents are Christians. If they're not, you should probably move to #2 for guidance in this area. If only one parent is a Christian, appeal to their wisdom. But in all things-whether your parents are saved or not-continue to HONOR them. Or you'll die young.

2. Your pastors. They are shepherds of the flock. Pastors can see the big picture and how things affect the Body of Christ. They are called to be "overseers" and can see-over situations and pick out the important thing. You should take very seriously what they preach from the pulpit about marriage and relationships, apply it to your life and then be diligent to seek out their wisdom about specific situations/people.

3. Trusted spiritual friends. "Spiritual" being the key word. My disclaimer: Sometimes even trusted spiritual friends say stupid things. I've both said stupid things and had stupid things said to me. Just consider that friends don't have the spiritual grace of parents or the spiritual oversight of pastors. But they *can* be used of the Lord to speak with discernment and offer a balanced perspective to your pursuit of marriage. They can ask those searching questions that stop ya right in your tracks. And they can matchmake you. :)

You should never listen to a sinner about relationships & marriage!!! Case-in-point, a co-worker told me recently that I should have a baby. While it's flattering that they would think I'd make a good mother, I responded, "I'd have to get married first, 'cause there's an order to this!" They said, "Nawww, we'll give you a pass on that." Say what??? I've heard of other situations where a Christian young man or woman got into a dating relationship simply because a sinner encouraged them to do so. There is just so much wrong with that... and it never ends well!

Stick around, people... more on marriage to come!! We're gonna get practical!

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