9:54 PM

Peeling four bags of apples. Mixing up six pie crusts. Tasting batter for whoopie pies. Dropping crumbs on the floor. Teaching The Papoose to communicate with a birdie. Discussing literature with The Sis & The Bro-In-Law. Laughing with The Sparkly Girl. Making hot french vanilla cafe while my feet hurt. Opening the oven doors. Packing up to go home. Driving in the darkness. Late-but-not-sleeping... Watching DVDs of the fascinating Asian preacher. Convicted, challenged and a little quirked. Checking pies. Drooping eyelids. Night turns to morning. Still baking pies. Sparkly Girl sleeps. The pies smell fantastic. Finally, the light dims and I sleep.

Multi-tasking at a rate unknown to the human race. Doing the almost-normal Saturday morning cleaning/laundry/everything else routine. Prayer, Word and a big concordance. Then driving around the county. Three hours in the company of fascinating, hilarious and slightly hyper youth people. (Say it! "Y-U-M-M-Y! Come and buy this yummy pie!"). Evening with the family. Fingers dancing on piano keys. Intrigued again by the Asian preacher. Reading until I forget the last sentence.

The best day of the week! Worshipping with my eyes open. Hearing the Word of the Lord about the unity of the Body. Tasting the treats while chatting. Frozen pizza for lunch. More reading. Napping until the explosions start (Weird neighbors). Back to church. Praying for the lost souls. The burden is heavy. Home & Sunday traditional popcorn.

And to all, a good night. :) 'Twas a pleasure, my friends.

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