Did You Know?

11:43 PM

Did you know that I separate my books alphabetically by author's name? And also into Fiction and Non-Fiction, with the Non-Fiction divided into Spiritual and Non-Spiritual? Because I just couldn't accept a book about a Marine sniper sitting beside Spurgeon's Sermons. Just wrong.

Did you know that God provided a new church building for our church in less than three days? My mind is still trying to get that one. What a Provider He is!!!

Did you know that I always accept gifts of kitchen aprons? Because I bake like I play sports - full contact! BAM!! Aw, yeah, babe! (an Emeril reference for you Food-Network-snobs)

Did you know that I listened to a recording of my own sermon 2 1/2 times already in the last day? Not because I love to hear the sound of my own voice - in fact, it kinda annoys me - but because the Word was convicting and challenging me, too. It's all about undistracted devotion to the Lord.

Did you know that my accent is a weird mix between Texan, Pennsylvanian and nothing-ness? Who else says "y'all" without a hint of a Southern twang until they hit Texas soil? Straaaange.

Did you know that singing random songs is a family trait? We all do it. Together. Only different songs. Haha!

Did you know that if you lick a gummy bear and stick it on a car window in the summertime, it melts? And if you put a half-eaten gallon of chocolate ice cream in a trash-basket, it will melt and then spill all over the floor like a river of molten chocolate lava? And if you dump a chocolate milkshake into a hot tub, all the water turns icky-brown?

Yeah, I know that now. This is why they used to call me "Smart Child." :)

I hope this was informative and interesting.

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