25 Reasons Why I Love My Parents

6:45 AM

My parents aren’t perfect. And I’m sure they wouldn’t want anyone to think they are. But I just wanted to “give honor where honor is due,” and highlight a few wacky and many wonderful reasons why I love my parents.

1. They love me. Like real, tough, this-is-for-your-own-good love.

2. They love each other. And have been married for 29 years!!!! Yeah!

3. They taught me to appreciate simple things… Like hilariously lame jokes, visiting with old friends, popcorn, anything chocolate, hiking, venison, snow, a blazing fire, hospitality, and much more.

4. They homeschooled me. And that was awesome for me in a way that I cannot describe in a few words.

5. They literally drop everything to help me whenever I need it (whether it be a house issue, or a people situation or whatever). I started to feel like that was a little weird---them giving up so much time and energy and resources for their children… and then I realized that my parents do that for everyone in the church, and even outside the church. They definitely have the helping others/serving others thing down!

6. My mom taught me how to cook. And let me cook ALL the time when I was a teenager… and somewhere my future husband is rejoicing. LOL

7. My dad taught me how to work HARD. Blood, sweat and tears working. Through family projects, mowing the lawn, family snow removal business, and picking up roofing nails for 1 cent apiece as a little child.

8. They calmed my fears of failure and the unknown.

9. They taught me that it is *normal* to enjoy spending time with my family and have peace in the home and to be best friends with my siblings.

10. They modeled a lifestyle of personal prayer and study of the Word.

11. They forced me to go outside and enjoy the fresh air… even when my books were so much more appealing.

12. They taught me how to read a map. And drive in big cities. And face dangerous situations without flinching.

13. They guarded my innocence with a vengeance. Keeping me from ungodly influences in movies, music, people, books and anything questionable.

14. They apologized to me after sinning against/or in front of me. Ouch. I can imagine how humbling that was… but what a testimony of their character.

15. They gave me a love for traveling!! The simple joy of “jumping” over a state line, or staying at a hotel or the fun of riding "shotgun" and driving through the night or playing the license plate game…

16. They infiltrated my mind with the concept of judging media for its moral value, not its artistic or entertainment value. Yes, clean movies are always best.

17. They gave me liberty to laugh with them, with others and at myself… and showed me by example that the best humor does not hurt others.

18. They took me to over 80% of the United States and countless National Parks.

19. They encouraged me to develop my individual skills… like piano and photography and cooking. And presented me with opportunities to do so.

20. They forced me out of my natural inclination towards shy-ness.

21. They taught me that a Godly girl dresses modestly. And why.

22. They instilled an utter hatred within me for all lying, deception and conveniently hidden things.

23. They encouraged me to GO when necessary… and STAY when necessary. And as it happens, I trust and value their counsel more than any other.

24. They taught me how to be a good steward of God’s money! How to make a budget, balance my checkbook, throw away stupid credit card offers and generally make wise financial decisions.

25. Last and most importantly, my parents love God. And are real Christians. And everything they have done and continue to do is for the purpose of seeing God’s will established in my life. So I bow to the rebukes and humble myself before the words of wisdom and submit to my parents as God’s voice & authority in my life. And I give glory to God for saving them, so that in turn, I could be saved. And that is the greatest miracle of all!! :)

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