The Forgotten

1:15 PM

I knew that I was gonna do this... I forgot one of my all-time favorite books!!

The Cross & The Switchblade by David Wilkerson
I've been privileged to hear David Wilkerson preach several times and each time, I am touched by the humility and unassuming nature of this man of God. In my mind, I can hear him praying for the Holy Spirit's help to speak the Word of God. It is burned in my memory and causes me to think, I want to be that desperate for God's words when I preach! Anyway, back to the book. The Cross & The Switchblade tells the story of David Wilkerson's beginning in ministry---in a small church in Philipsburg, PA (close to me!), and how that God consecrated him by challenging him to give up television and give himself to prayer, and what resulted from that. Eventually, the Lord led him to New York City to begin Teen Challenge. I won't tell the story, but I especially love the demonstration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!!

This book is highly recommended by me. :)

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