The Pharisee in Me

6:45 AM

Something I wrote while meditating on Matthew 23.

You’re the one out in front
Before everybody else
Self-appointed, the “select”
Giving laws unto the masses

Speaking, always speaking
God forbid that you’d be doing
Too busy loading
Burdens on men’s shoulders
To yourself do any lifting

Adding words to the Word
Adding rules to the Law
As if God weren’t enough
You must add your two cents

Make long tassels
A louder message
All you want… is to be noticed
And you’re loving
The place of honor
Just call you, “Rabbi, Teacher, Father.”

By the gate of Christ’s kingdom
You stand as so-called judges
Enter not yourselves

And are others' obstructions.

Hear those long prayers?
In the temple?
Instead of answers
You receive judgment

You are passionate for converts
Travelling land and sea for one
Ruination awaits him
You make him twice the devil’s son

Unaware of God’s greatness
Fearing not His mighty hand
You make light of swearing by Him
O, gold is more important!

You are tripping over tiny things
Ignoring justice and mercy
Always choose-y, always petty
So selective in your obeying

You should’ve followed the commandments
Both large and small
You’re too busy straining a little knat
To notice a camel!

Beautiful appearances
Mark your spiritual dress
Yet death and filth
Bones and uncleanness
Fester in your soul
So outwardly righteous
You hypocrite!

Inwardly, you are lawless!

Believing to be great
You think you are discerning
“I would’ve known the voice of God”
“I would not have done the silencing”
Serpents, vipers, bound for hell
Upon you, the guilt will fall
The blood of innocent prophets

and righteous Abel
And Zechariah, whom you murdered
Between temple and the altar…

Now Christ pronounces Woe
Am I too deceived to see?

My God, please forgive
The Pharisee in me!

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