Weekend in Review... Feelin' Social?

6:45 AM

Friday: It was COLD. Bone-chillingly cold. With a wind chill of –9 or –15 degrees. Ouch! So we decided that the youth group wouldn’t “take it to the streets” Friday night for an evangelism night. I would like to keep all my fingers and toes, thank you very much! It was an awesome night of evangelism training, talking about this article http://www.evtales.com/index.php/2008/10/10/the-use-of-tracts-by-r-a-torrey.html, reading tracts and PRAYER! I am so excited about being used by the Lord in evangelism. We are left on this earth for an eternal purpose. To go into all the world and preach the Gospel! :) …. Afterwards, I wanted to hang out with The Not-So-Little Bro, who was hanging with his boys. Good times talking to them while they played video games. I tried playing…errr… losing. Actually, it was quite hilarious. I ran around (in the game) trying to kill aliens, and The Tall Guy discovered that he could throw grenades in the air and shoot them! Like skeet shooting—Halo style!!! Awesome.

Saturday: Studying, cleaning the house, meal-planning, grocery shopping, thawing frozen pipes, the delivery of a new dryer, baking an apple cake—which made the house smell all cinnamony and spicy-sweet! Cooking new recipes (thank you, Rachael Ray). :) Saturday evening, I headed over to The Tall Guy’s house for a game night with the “young adults.” We didn’t play games for the first 4 hours… just ate LOTS of food and discussed everything under the sun—politics, abortion, backsliding, salvation, immigrants, and use of the word “hot” (the girls find it demeaning and objectifying), etc. I believe it could’ve been classified as a group ‘fireside chat.’ Without the fire. But there was an adorable husky dog curled up on the couch. :) Awww… And when we did finally play a board game--Buzzword, the girls won by 1 point. YES! ‘Twas a late night for me though…

Sunday: I was GLAD when they said to me, Let us go to the house of the Lord!!! (and I add, no matter how tired I am!). Revelation of the day: Ya know how when John the Baptist preached, people were confessing their sins and being baptized? Well, I never realized before that the whole water baptism thing was unusual for Jews. Only former pagans—Gentile converts to Judaism—would be water baptized when they converted. By being baptized, these Jews were recognizing their separation from God because of sin. Wow. Not the main point of the day, but definitely one that stuck with me!… Sunday lunch with “the clan” & the first use of my Christmas gift of a crockpot! Football and naps. Then football and reading. Then football and a Hallmark movie. Go Steelers—my half-hearted attempt at land loyalty. :) Okay, I jest. The roomie and I were yelling at the TV in equal enthusiasm! The Steelers are enroute to the Superbowl. Woohoo!
Congrats for actually reading my weekend in review.

Your reward for being interested is a blog recommendation: http://davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com/
Compliments of The City Guy, who let me borrow his laptop for a little while on Friday night. I was SOO excited to see that blog. I immediately added it to my Google Reader! Enjoy!

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