Gym Fun

12:29 PM

Sooooo. Recently, I discovered that I can get a good workout if I go to the gym on my lunch break. The gym is less than 5 minutes from my office. In the last few weeks, this plan has been working out (no pun intended) quite marvelously. In the course of my daily workouts, I've had some reasons to giggle. Here are a few:

Yesterday, I almost ran over a blind guy. I was engrossed in my driven weights workout—going from machine to machine—going a little too fast, as usual. I turned around and came within six inches of flattening him. And then for the rest of the workout, I thought about weird things like, “I guess the multitude of mirrors in this room does nothing for him!” and “I bet he’s not really blind: he’s just wearing those sunglasses and carrying a red stick so he can stare at people without them knowing!” Conspiracy theorist to the core. :)

I like the Incline Press machine. It reminds me of a roller coaster. In between sets, I’ll be resting, lost in my own thoughts, humming to myself and swinging my legs… and I like upside-down roller coasters. Where you can swing your legs. Get the connection?

Everybody looks so completely MISERABLE at the gym. And I find it humorous that people pay money to torture themselves physically (as I do the same thing). One day I decided that it was my ministry to smile at the gym. So I smile whenever I think about it. While trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. Because someone told me that guys are gonna think I’m flirting. And I don’t want them to think that! I just want people to look less tormented! It will improve general morale!

The Golden Girl roomie and I were on treadmills side-by-side and discovered a revolutionary concept: effortless calorie-burning! It goes something like this: Step on treadmill, start treadmill, step off treadmill as treadmill continues to run, watch calorie burner increase… 25-26-27…300! :) Hahaha...

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