Weekend in Review

6:39 AM

Friday. The long-awaited Women’s Fellowship Nite at The Sis’ house. Full of womanly chatter, food, fun, a short-yet-sweet-and-edifying devotional, the Secret Sister reveal, and several energetic games of Apples to Apples. I WON a game!!! YES! And obviously, I’m not competitive at all—that trait came from my mom. After driving home, spent awhile playing melancholy music in a minor key on the piano. Perhaps melancholy isn’t the perfect word. Maybe intense? One roomie told me later that she fell asleep to sounds of piano music. Awwww. Saturday. Up semi-early making breakfast for the youth girls. As usual, there was fine china and silly discussions and good times. Eventually, we ended up watching old YFN videos and listening to music in my room. Soon the house was quiet again and I considered taking a nap. But Craigslist.com was calling: With an ad for slightly used, but still lovely vanity table. This required a quick road trip to the nearby ghetto (Williamsport) with The Mom. Funny topics of conversation: The new GPS system’s name is Gabby. They wanted to name it “Garth.” I just couldn’t reconcile that name with the computerized woman’s voice blabbering on about road names. Yes, I did buy that vanity! Vanity just sounds so unBiblical… Hmmm… Anyway, home for cooking seafood + pasta: delicious. Then I tried to watch a chick flick while writing the Musings on Singleness series. Haha! That didn’t work so well. I cite irreconcilable differences. :) I gave up and spent a few hours writing, studying, thinking musing, etc. Sunday. People think that church is just a two-hour service that you go to once a week. However, church is really a family of believers. Yes, we do gather together for church service. But that service is just a culmination of the relationships we have every day—our own relationships with God and our relationships with one another. Sunday morning is always a vibrant mix of conversations in the foyer, preaching, teaching, worship, testimonies from excitable people, prayer and laughter. Like The Pastor’s story about singing VeggieTales’ songs with a little girl on a school bus. “God is bigger than the Boogey-man!!” Hilarious!… It was another missions-focused Sunday. Which. Is. Awesome. We were able to number the missionaries that we’ll be supporting!! SOOO exciting! Then onward to lunch with the family for The Bro-In-Law’s birthday. Random chat with my old piano teacher. Sunday rest, a.k.a. NAP. Quiet evening hanging with the roommates as we read, wrote, texted and otherwise relaxed while getting spiritual food. I had books, journal, Bible, concordance and notes spread out all around ---> working on the Musings on Singleness series (this is becoming a theme). I have enough material to go at least one more week, maybe more. So stick around!!

* Sigh* Weekends are superior!

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